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How to collect my art?


Frank Benkelmann - 01000010. I'm a german creative coder and generative artist who crafts all of my artwork through code.

I'm fascinated by the interactive relationship I have with the computer through coding. It's like a dynamic game of ping-pong, where we collaborate to create unexpected and exciting outcomes. This process taps into my creativity and never ceases to inspire me.

I love using a plotter because it adds a unique imperfection to computerized precision. Each plot becomes one-of-a-kind, influenced by the specific paper, pen, or brush used.

Hatching #2

How it all started?

My journey into the world of computers kicked off in 1985 with a Commodore 64. What started as a toy soon turned into a career path, as computers became the canvas for my creativity.

My first contact with generative art was in the early 2000s. Back then I did a lot of coding in ActionScript (Macromedia/Adobe Flash) – it was a heck of a good time.

Tezos community

In 2021, with the rise of Hic et nunc, I rediscovered my love for creating, sharing and collecting art. The supportive and collaborative Tezos art community reminded me of the early days of Flash, when there was a sense of connection and excitement among artists and creators. I am grateful to have found my passion for art again and to be a part of this vibrant and inspiring community.

I now create my artwork using Javascript, Processing and P5.js. Follow me on X (twitter) to find out what I'm working on right now.

How to collect my art?

Selected works of my plotter art can be purchased in my online store.

Plotter Art Store

Collect my work on the following platforms.

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